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Rugby League Immortal Wally Lewis discusses Reg Gasnier's influence on the greatest game of all, exclusively on Dragons TV.

The Australian Rugby League Hall of Fame inductee describes Gasnier's playing style as freakish, and remembers stories told by his father of the 'Prince of Centres'.

"It's something special; this is a man that most rugby league fans across this great country of ours had the pleasure of being able to watch on the football field," said Lewis.

"I don't remember Reg, but I was about four or five when my Dad took me along to watch him in a game.

"To be able to hear some of the stories that Dad told me for years after that about what he was like and to try to do the things that he and the great players of that day were able to do is incredible.

"It's very special to have the opportunity to come along and say Thank you to a man who did great things for the game of rugby league.

"He was a freak; I was in awe of the great man running along and you can certainly see why he caused so much drama for the opposition; they just couldn't catch him!"