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Red V Members are the lifeblood of the Dragons – the money you contribute is essential in supporting the team and ensuring the playing squad can compete in the competitive NRL environment.

These are the contributions that your money is making to ensure that our players can compete strongly each season and to securing the strong future of our great club.

In 2016, the support and contribution of our almost 18,000 Red V Members allowed for the purchase of a brand new NordBord which will ensure players have access to top of the line equipment. 

The NordBord Hamstring Testing System is the fastest, easiest and most powerful way to train, screen, monitor and rehab hamstring strength, and is used to track hamstring strength gains during rehabilitation.

2017 Members now have the opportunity to have their say and chose from the following items, with the most popular item to be purchased for the Dragons football department.

Cable Machine Functional Trainer ​

This piece of strength and rehabilitation equipment allows for functional strength and rehabilitation training specific to elite rugby league players' needs.

Leg Press

The leg press is a lower body strength training machine that allows for safe development of lower limb strength qualities in athletes. It is commonly used in rehab as well as strength training.

Watt Bike 

The watt bike is an elite lower body cardio training piece of equipment. It is commonly used in rehab as well as additional training for the healthy athletes to allow for optimal development of the players aerobic system.

Where will your money go? Well... that's up to you to decide.