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Frequently Asked Questions

General Membership

Becoming a Member

Classifications and Age Restrictions

Member Benefits

Seating Allocations and Requests

Part Payment

Rolling Renewals

Draw and Home Games

Game Day


What is Red V membership?

Red V membership unites fans with their beloved Dragons team and other fellow fans from across the Dragons community. Think of it as joining the official fan club, while at the same time directly supporting your club financially, so the Dragons NRL and NRLW teams have the best chance of success. Becoming a Red V member means you become part of the Dragons squad! All members receive great benefits, including exclusive member merchandise and the opportunity to win amazing prizes and experiences with their club. Members also receive great savings on tickets, as well as savings on merchandise sold through the Dragons Team Store. Memberships can include access to Dragons NRL home games (In Stadium), or they can just be a way of showing your support and belonging to the squad (At Home). Either way, you will receive opportunities to form connections with your Dragons team and other members through member exclusive events held throughout the season.

What’s the difference between Red V, Leagues Club and District Football Club memberships?

St George Leagues Club, Steelers Club and St George District Rugby League Football Club are separate entities to the St George Illawarra Dragons, all of which run their own separate membership programs. Red V membership is the only membership of the St George Illawarra Dragons, and the only membership that directly supports the St George Illawarra Dragons NRL and NRLW teams.

What’s an In Stadium membership?

An In Stadium membership provides a member access to Dragons home games. Access to these games is included in the purchase price of the membership package.
You can choose from various In-Stadium Membership options tailored to your preferences. These options include access to all Dragons home games at venues like Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, WIN Stadium, and Allianz Stadium (for Platinum and Full Season members). Alternatively, you can opt for memberships covering only Kogarah or Wollongong home games (Kogarah Pass and Wollongong Pass), or even select any three home games at either Kogarah or Wollongong with the Flexi 3 option.

In stadium memberships are sold in four seating categories as displayed in our Stadium Maps. Members in the gold, silver and bronze categories will be allocated a reserved seat, which will remain their seat for the entire season. Details of this seat will be printed on the back of the membership card.
General Admission members will receive access to the standing hill areas of Netstrata Jubilee Stadium and WIN Stadium, and a reserved seat at Allianz Stadium for Anzac Day.

How do I access games with my in-stadium membership?

In stadium members will receive a membership card displaying their entry gate and seating information. This membership card will also have a barcode, which is your ticket to each home game you are entitled to access with your particular membership package. Simply scan this barcode at your entry gate and you’re in! Please be aware this barcode will only scan at the entry gate/s listed on your membership card. If you require entry through a different gate for mobility reasons, please contact the Red V membership team.

What’s an At Home membership?

An at Home membership is a membership that does not provide a member access to Dragons home games. At Home memberships allows members to show their support and feel connected to their Dragons team, as well as being a part of a group of passionate likeminded fans even if they can't make it to support from inside the stadium.

If at Home members wish to attend a Dragons home game, they must purchase a ticket through Ticketek (for games at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium and Allianz Stadium) or Ticketmaster (for games at WIN Stadium). All members are provided a code to receive a 20% discount on tickets for Dragons home games. This code is regularly published or linked to in Red V member emails.

Our At Home memberships are based on the age of the member, so they can receive the appropriate member pack. These are Dragons Faithful (adult), Junior Dragon (5-16) and Scorch (0-4).

Our NRLW Faithful package is suitable for all ages.

We also have an International Dragon package for our members based overseas.

Do you offer a membership for people who can’t get to games?

Yes! Our at home memberships provide options for Dragons fans of all ages and in all locations who wish to become members but do not need to access games with their memberships. Simply purchase the package appropriate to the member’s age from the choices of Dragons Faithful (adult), Junior Dragon (5-16) and Scorch (0-4), the International Dragon if you live overseas, or the NRLW Faithful package to support our Dragons NRL Women’s Premiership team.

How does the Flexi 3 membership work?

A Flexi 3 membership allows a member to attend any three Dragons home games held at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, Kogarah and WIN Stadium, Wollongong.
Flexi 3 members can scan the barcode on their card to enter an eligible home game. The barcode cannot be scanned more than once per game. Once the member has scanned in at three home games, the membership card will no longer work. To attend more games, the member will need to purchase another membership or purchase tickets using their 20% member discount.

Flexi 3 members are not required to notify the Dragons if they wish to attend a game, nor do they have to redeem a ticket. All they need to do is scan their member card. It’s that easy.

Does the flexi 3 membership include Anzac Day?

The Flexi 3 membership does not include free access to the Anzac Day match. However, as a Red V Member you will receive early access to discounted tickets. More information will be provided in 2024.

Why isn’t the Flexi 3 available in all seating categories?

Due to the complexity of the Dragons playing at multiple home venues serviced by different ticketing agencies, we are unable to extend the Flexi 3 membership into the silver and gold categories without compromising the flexibility and ease of the Flexi 3 membership.

Can I gift a membership to someone else?

Yes! If you’re a purchasing a membership as a gift for someone else, simply enter the gift recipient’s name as the member’s name when you order. If the gift is a surprise, please ensure you enter your own contact details as we will send receipts and delivery notifications to the contact details provided. Simply contact us by email or phone after you have given the gift to update the contact details to that of the gift recipient.

Once purchased, you can download and print a gift certificate prior to delivery of the membership pack. Gift certificates have no monetary value and should only be downloaded after purchase. For more information on purchasing membership as a gift, and to download a gift certificate, visit the Gift Certificate page.

How can I update the details on my membership?

Member details, including email, phone, and address details, can be updated online at any time through the My Dragons Account. Log in using your membership number as your username. Alternatively, you can email through any changes to member details to and we will update your account/s for you.

Please note any changes you make on the My Dragons Account will only apply to the member whose membership number was used to log in. To update details for connected or secondary account holders, please contact the Red V membership team.

What do I do if I’ve lost my membership card?

Please contact the Red V membership team by email or phone during business hours to organise a replacement card or to receive email copies of your tickets. We remind you to take care of your card as replacement physical cards incur a $15 replacement fee payable at the time of re-ordering. Email tickets can be issued throughout the season free of charge.

Membership staff are also available at the main venue box office on game days to reissue tickets at the following locations:

  • Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, Kogarah: Membership ticket window at Gate D ticket box office
  • WIN Stadium, Wollongong: Membership ticket window at Gate A ticket box office
  • Allianz Stadium: The main box office located on Driver Ave

Why doesn’t the NRLW Faithful membership include tickets to games?

At the time of going on-sale for memberships, we do not have any information regarding the NRLW draw. This means we cannot provide access to any games with this membership. Stay tuned for information about a ticket add-on for NRLW Faithful members, and an NRLW In Stadium membership later in 2024.

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How do I join as a member for 2024?

Existing members can log in through My Dragons Account to renew their membership. New members can select their membership package and follow the prompts to create an account.

Memberships can also be purchased over the phone, by speaking to the Red V membership team on 1300 372 466. This hotline is available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Not sure which package is right for you? Take our Choose Your Membership survey here!

How do I know if my membership has been successfully purchased?

Members will receive a confirmation email within 10 minutes of purchase. If you have not received this email, please contact the Red V membership team to check membership status and email address for typing errors.

When will my Red V membership expire?

Your Red V membership commences on the date of purchase and expires at the end of the 2024 season, on October 31, 2024.

Can I get a refund on my membership?

Requests for refund of membership must be made in writing by email or letter to Red V membership. All requests are subject to our Refund and Cancellation Policy contained in our Membership Terms & Conditions.

Can I pay by cash, cheque, or money order?

Yes, we accept membership payment by all these methods.

Cheques and money orders must be made payable to “St George Illawarra RLFC” and the service and handling fee must be included. Cheques and money orders can be posted with a completed application form to St George Illawarra RLFC, Locked Bag 1500, Ramsgate NSW 2217.

Cash is accepted in person only. If you would like to pay in person, please visit the Dragons offices at the following locations:

  • Kogarah: Level 1, St George Leagues Club 10am-4:00pm
  • Wollongong: Level 1, Steelers Tuesdays and Thursdays only 10am-4:00pm

What is the ‘Service and Handling Fee’?

The service and handling fee is a small fee of $4.75 per which is applied per membership order/transaction, regardless of the amount of membership packages purchased, value of the order and method of payment. This fee is payable to Ticketek for the provision of their membership sales and ticketing system.

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What classifies as a concession?

Valid concessions are accepted by the Dragons include full-time students, aged, disability, TPI and war veteran pensions.

  • Senior cards do not qualify for concession pricing.
  • Proof of concession must be provided on game day as requested by venue or Dragons staff.
  • Please note that concession pricing is not available for gold category seating.

What classifies as a family?

A family membership consists of two adults and two juniors aged 16 years or younger as of October 31, 2024, or one adult and three juniors ages 16 years or younger as of October 31, 2024.

All children on a family Red V membership must have their membership placed under their own individual names and a date of birth must be provided for each member on an account. The Dragons may withhold sending membership packs until names and date of births are provided.

Can children enter games for free?

Children aged 4 years or younger will receive free entry to Dragon's home games, however they are not allocated a seat or membership unless purchased.

What do I do if I have a companion card?

Companion card holders are entitled to a complimentary membership of the same or lesser value when purchased in conjunction with an In Stadium membership. Companion memberships cannot be purchased online and must be processed directly with the Red V membership team by quoting the companion card number and expiry.

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What do I get in my Red V member pack?

All In stadium members will receive a member pack appropriate to their age. In stadium members aged 4 years and under will receive a scorch pack, ticketed members aged 5-16 years will receive a junior pack, with all other in stadium members receiving the adult pack.

At home members will receive the pack based on membership package purchased.

When will I receive my membership pack?

Membership cards and packs are posted in regularly scheduled batches and are lodged with Australia Post within approximately two weeks from the date of purchase (excluding the Christmas/New Year holiday closure period). Delivery for 2024 memberships will commence in December 2023.

Will I get my membership pack before Christmas?

Memberships purchased by 9am November 27, 2023, will be lodged with Australia Post with an intended delivery of prior to Christmas. Every attempt will be made to deliver packs prior to Christmas, however due to external factors pre-Christmas delivery cannot be guaranteed.

How do I access my merchandise discount as a Red V member?

All members will be provided with a discount code, which can be found in their regular member emails as well as on their membership card. This discount code can be used online at the Dragons Team Store during the checkout process. To use your discount in store or at a home game, present your membership card to Dragons staff.

Will the Dragons hold any Red V member events in 2024?

The Dragons are planning several member events to be held during the 2024 season across our regions, as well as away locations (draw permitting).

All Red V Member Events are exclusive to members only. Non-members of any age will not be permitted entry into any Red V Member events. Memberships are not transferable for entry into a member event.

In cases of multiple memberships in one name, we require a membership to be placed in an individual’s name with their own unique member number for a person to be considered a member.

We will advise members by email and social media of upcoming events.

Do I receive a discount on tickets as a Red V member?

Red V members receive a 20% discount on pre-purchased Dragons home game tickets and discounts off selected away games. The discount code is regularly included in team list emails and on the welcome card inside your member pack. The discount code is also printed on at home membership cards.

Due to limited space the discount code can’t be included on the in-stadium membership cards.

Can I get a discount on tickets to away games?

We will always try to negotiate with opposition clubs for our members to receive a discount on tickets to our away games, however it is not always guaranteed an opposition club will provide this. Details of upcoming away game ticket discounts will be included in our regular member emails and published on our website on our hidden member benefit page.

Do I receive priority booking periods to NRL ticketed events (e.g., NRL Grand Final) as a Red V member?

Members will receive exclusive priority booking periods for NRL ticketing events, including (but not limited to): State of Origin, Test matches, and NRL Grand Final.
Members are advised to keep up to date with their Red V emails to receive all related ticket offers and discounts.

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When is the same seat renewal deadline for renewing 2024 In stadium members?

To retain your membership seating allocation for season 2024, we require members with reserved seats to renew by 5pm November 1, 2023. Memberships renewed after this time cannot be guaranteed the same seats.

Why is there a same seat renewal deadline?

Each season we have many new members requiring a seating allocation or renewing members who require seat relocation. Seats for these members cannot be allocated until renewing members have had a chance renew and retain their member allocated seats. To ensure there is enough time to allocate seats and deliver member cards to all members prior to Christmas, we require a same seat renewal deadline.

Why is the same seat renewal deadline so soon?

Many of our members purchase memberships as Christmas gifts each year. For reserved seat members to receive their packs before Christmas, we must have a same seat renewal deadline of November 1 to allow enough time to allocate seats and fulfill seat movement requests prior to Australia Post’s Christmas delivery deadline.

How do I apply for accessible seating?

Members who require accessible seating should include their specific seating requirements in their membership application at the time of purchase. This should include the need for a wheelchair space and, if required, a carer/companion seat located adjacent to the person requiring accessible seating. If you have a companion card, please contact the Red V membership team prior to purchasing your membership.

How do I make a seat request?

Members who purchase an In Stadium membership with reserved seating (bronze, silver, gold) can make a seat request when purchasing membership. This can be done via the specified ‘seating preferences’ section on the checkout page when purchasing online, or with staff directly over the phone at the time of purchase.

Please note that all seating is dependent on availability, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Should we be unable to accommodate your request, we will allocate the best available seating or the seats you held in the 2023 season provided you have renewed prior to the same seat renewal deadline.

I make a seat request every season. How come I never get the seat/s I want?

Most seat requests we receive are from members wanting to move to the most popular areas of the stadium, which are seats as close as possible to halfway, or seats located on an aisle. These seats rarely become available as the members who hold them don’t want to give them up! If a seat becomes available, it’s usually an individual seat on its own. Unfortunately, it is exceedingly difficult to find seating as close as possible to halfway or on an aisle for members who sit in pairs or groups.

Another scenario is that a seat appears unoccupied for most games but has been purchased by a member who has simply not attended games or has upgraded to a corporate function area. If the member renews the seat by the same seat renewal deadline, we are unable to give their seat to another member, even if it continues to remain unoccupied at games.

We will always try our best to fulfill any seating requests and to give our members the best seats possible.

What if I want to sit with friends/family?

Memberships purchased within the same order will automatically be allocated together.

Memberships purchased in separate orders require a seating request if they are to be allocated together. Please include details in your application if you wish to be seated with other members.

If your friends or family are not Red V members, it will not be possible to purchase a ticket casually next to your seat. This is because we allocate our members in the best available seating, so it is most likely the seats next to your member seats are allocated to other members. We recommend purchasing additional memberships if you will have friends or family attending games with you.

Can I see if my seating request is granted before paying for my membership?

Seating allocations can only occur once an order has been paid, which means a seating request cannot be placed prior to purchase. We are also unable to place seats on hold for members prior to purchase.

I’m a renewing member, can I keep my 2023 seat?

All 2023 in stadium members will be able to keep their seating allocation if they renew their membership before the same seat renewal deadline of 5pm November 1, 2023.

Any 2023 members who renew after the same seat renewal deadline has passed will be allocated their 2023 seat if it is still available, however availability cannot be guaranteed.

Please be aware we may move members up to three seats in order to satisfy seating requests and eliminate the potential of a single seat being left unallocated. In these circumstances the member may not be contacted by the club.

If renewing members submit a seat request before the same seat renewal deadline, they will be included in the seating allocation process. If your seat request is unsuccessful, you will be allocated your 2023 seating. The seating allocation process takes an extended period, and members will only be contacted if required.

How do I check which seats are available for a new membership?

We are unable to see which seats may be available for purchase until we pass the same seat renewal deadline of 5pm November 1, 2023.
After the initial seating allocation process, membership staff will be able to assist with seating allocation questions, however this is not a guarantee that you will be able to secure any given seats.

My friend is not renewing their membership, can I transfer their seat into my name?

Yes, you can. We simply require written approval from the original member requesting to transfer the seat into another name. Please email with this information.

I’ve attended my first game and I’m not happy with my member seating allocation. Can I change my seat?

Please contact the Red V membership team and we will do our best to arrange alternative seating, subject to availability and card re-order fees.

Can I upgrade my membership ticket for one game?

Red V members can upgrade to a higher seating category than that purchased with their membership, dependent on availability. This can only occur on game day by visiting the Box Office and purchasing an upgraded ticket. A member must present their 2024 season membership card to upgrade their membership, and pay $10 per category upgrade (e.g., silver to gold will cost $10, general admission to gold will cost $30).

Why are general admission members allocated a reserved seat for Anzac Day at Allianz Stadium?

The Anzac Day match is a marquee event in the NRL calendar and likely to sell-out. To maximise the number of fans who are able to safely attend the event, there is no ‘general admission’ category of ticketing for this match. General admission Red V members with access to Anzac Day will be allocated reserved seats in the Category 4 seating bays, which is in the equivalent seating category to ‘general admission’. General admission members must notify us of any other Red V members they wish to sit with that is not included on their membership order.

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Can I pay for my membership off over time?

Yes, In Stadium memberships can be paid by monthly instalments, facilitated through an external company called Debitsuccess. Payments are debited from the member’s nominated bank account or credit card on the 17th of each month, commencing October 17, 2023.

Memberships purchased after October 17, 2023, will be charged a deposit equal to one instalment, followed by monthly installments charged on the 17th of the month. All payment plans must be finalised by July 17, 2024. The number of monthly instalments will be determined by the number of months between the date of purchase and July 17, 2024. All members who choose to pay by installments enter into an agreement with Debitsuccess Pty Ltd. Terms and Conditions apply.

All part payment purchases incur a 4.13% transaction fee per instalment and a one-off $5 fee on all new accounts. Penalty fees of $10 will apply for all missed payment, payable directly to Debitsuccess. Please be aware that continued missed payments may result in membership being suspended and the amount owing being sent to debt collection.

I pay by instalments, and I need to update my payment details, change my payment schedule, or make a catch-up payment. How can I do that?

Contact Debitsuccess through their customer service team on 1800 148 848. You can make a payment online anytime at or email through an enquiry to Alternatively, contact the Red V membership team on 1300 372 466.

I have not completed my payment plan for my 2023 membership. Can I still renew?

Membership renewals will not be accepted for members who are yet to complete their 2023 payments. Please contact the Red V membership team to discuss your payment options.

Why are at home memberships not available to pay on monthly instalments?

As the majority of at home benefits are issued close to the time of purchase (member pack, discount code information, etc), we require payment for these memberships up front and in full. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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What is Rolling Renewal?

Members have the option to opt in to ‘rolling renewal’ with their membership order, meaning their membership order is automatically renewed into the same or appropriate corresponding package for subsequent seasons, at the updated and relevant price, using the same payment details as the previous season unless the member advises otherwise. This takes the hassle out of renewing your membership.

Rolling renewals are available for in stadium memberships on both full payment and monthly instalments. Please note that rolling renewals are automatically applied to all members paying by monthly instalments.

Rolling renewal are available for at home memberships for full payment only.

A minimum 14-day notice period in writing will be provided to all members on rolling renewal, with the opportunity to opt-out. To update your payment details, please call the Red V membership team on 1300 372 466.

When will the rolling renewal take place for 2024 membership?

Part payment rolling renewal will take place on October 17, 2023.
Full payment rolling renewal will take place on October 19, 2023.

How do I opt out of rolling renewal?

Email or call the membership team with your membership number, full name, and reason for opting out.

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Where can I find a copy of the Dragons 2024 draw?

A copy of the NRL draw is scheduled to be released in November 2023. When released, a copy of our draw will be published on the Draw page of our website.

Is Anzac Day a Dragons home game? Is it included with my membership?

The Anzac Day game is Dragons home game in 2024, and is included in the following packages: Platinum, Full Season, Wollongong Pass + Anzac, and Kogarah Pass + Anzac. Seating allocations for Anzac Day will be included on the back of your 2024 membership card.

Anzac Day is not included in the following packages Wollongong Pass, Kogarah Pass, Flexi 3, Dragons Faithful, Junior Dragon, Scorch, NRLW Faithful and International Dragon.

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What do I do if I forgot, lost, or haven’t received, my membership card?

A digital copy of your membership card will be sent by SMS to the registered mobile phone number on your membership account at the time your membership pack is fulfilled. This digital card can be added to your digital wallet and scanned from your phone.

Our Red V staff are also available on game day to print a paper copy of your membership ticket. They are available at the following locations:

  • Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, Kogarah – Membership ticket window at Gate D ticket box office
  • WIN Stadium, Wollongong – Membership ticket window at Gate A ticket box office
  • Allianz Stadium – Membership ticket window at the main ticket box office on Driver Ave

Can I bring a banner or large flag to the game?

All patrons bringing banners or large flags to Dragons home games are required to register their item for approval and security clearance.

To register your banner or large flag, please email with your full name, contact number, email address, banner/flag dimensions, and banner/flag description (with images if possible) no later than 5pm the Monday prior to the match you are attending.

Please note that any content deemed as offensive or inappropriate may be refused by the club or the venue.

How do I request a birthday announcement for game day?

Due to the volume of requests received, the following conditions apply to birthday announcements on game day:

  • Requests can only be received for Dragons home games. We are unable to organise requests for games hosted by opposition clubs or the NRL (finals, Grand Final, etc).
  • The birthday person must be a current Red V member and their birthday must take place the week of a Dragons home game.
  • Requests must be made at least one week prior the appropriate home game. Requests must be submitted by email to with the member’s name, date of birth and an image of the member for the big screen.

Please note all requests cannot be guaranteed.

Is public transport included with my membership?

Public transport is not included with any memberships or tickets to Dragons home games in 2024.

If I can’t make it to a game, can I give my membership to someone else to use?

If for any reason you are unable to attend a Dragons home game that is covered by your membership, you may give your membership card to someone else to use.

Please be aware that transferal of a membership for game day entry is subject to the membership classification (i.e., an adult can’t enter on a concession or junior membership), and this cannot be upgraded to gain entry to an individual game.

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What is the Dragons Foundation?

The Dragons Foundation is the club’s philanthropic arm, which supports Dragons Community Programs to deliver a range of community-based activities and initiatives in support of health and wellbeing, social inclusion, education, and skills. The Dragons Foundation project also supports elite junior development to provide a pathway for both male and female rugby league players through high performance programs. The Dragon's Foundation was established in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation to ensure the sustained success of St George Illawarra Dragons.

What is Score Dragons, Inclusive Rugby League Program?

Score Dragons, Inclusive Rugby League Program supports a team for people with disabilities to participate in local rugby league competitions. Score Dragons provides participants with an opportunity to connect with their peers on a weekly basis, playing the game they all share a passion for to learn new skills and grow in self-confidence and resilience. The program also provides a meaningful respite for families and carers, with the knowledge that their child is in a safe, caring, and supportive environment at all times.

The Score Dragons, Inclusive Rugby League Program project was established in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation to enable supporters to make tax-deductible contributions to ensure the continued success of the Score Dragons program.

What is the Australian Sports Foundation?

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) was established as a deductible gift recipient by the Australian Government over 30 years ago. This means donations of $2 or more to the ASF for the benefit of sport can be tax-deductible. As the country’s leading non-profit sports fundraising organisation and charity, the ASF works with all levels of sport, from community clubs to our elite and national organisations, and has helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars to strengthen local Australian communities and develop an inclusive and active sporting nation.

What’s the connection between St George Illawarra Rugby League Football Club and the Australian Sports Foundation?

St George Illawarra RLFC has partnered with the ASF for some of its fundraising activities to enable donations from all our supporters to be tax-deductible.

How do I know that my donation will be used appropriately?

To ensure tax-deductible donations are used appropriately, the ASF requires the club to account for monies raised via an expense report to ensure funds are used for the appropriate purposes.

How do I claim a tax-deduction for my donation to either the Dragons Foundation or Score Dragons?

If you choose to donate to the Dragons Foundation and/or Score Dragons as part of your membership order, we will facilitate the donation with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) on your behalf. This process will include passing on your name, email address, donation preference and donation amount to the ASF so they are able to issue a tax-deductible receipt by email. All claims for a tax deduction are subject to being accepted by the Australian Taxation Office, who can be contacted for professional advice if either an individual or business is uncertain of their taxation position.

The official ASF receipt will be issued by email to the address of the Primary Account Holder provided in the membership order. The receipt of donation will be made in the name of the Primary Account Holder of the membership order.

I didn’t donate to the Dragons Foundation or Score Dragons as part of my membership order. Is there another way I can donate?

Yes! You can donate directly to Dragons Foundation or Score Dragons through the Australian Sports Foundation website.

Dragons Foundation: Click here to donate
Score Dragons: Click here to donate

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St George Illawarra Dragons | Red V Membership FAQs 2024

Acknowledgement of Country

St George Illawarra Dragons respect and honour the Traditional Custodians of the land and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples, where our games are played, our programs are conducted and in the communities we support.

Membership Partner