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The children of today are as crafty as they come.

What, with their tablets, phones and video games, a child's imagination can run wild and free in today's new age technology.

However, the students of Corrimal East Public resorted to old school methods of communication to get a visit from the St George Illawarra Dragons across the line.

The persuasive letters of Year 3 and 4 Corrimal East students convinced the Dragons Community team, including Women's Premiership back-rower Kezie Apps and Dragons duo Steven Marsters and Hayden Lomax, to visit their school.

"Rugby league keeps you fit and healthy and it helps you live a better, longer and happier life," Tyla said in her persuasive letter. "For all those reason you need to come to Corrimal East Public School!"

Oceana said: "I think the [Dragons] should come to my school because I don't know how to play but would love to learn. If I can play on the weekend then I need to know how to play."

Audrey added: "You should clearly come to our school because we can make new friends. I always make new friends when I try new sports. We would love for you to come."

There, they were treated to lessons about how to play rugby league and how to keep fit and healthy, as well as be introduced to the Dragons' Best You Can Be school planner.

The Dragons wish to thank Corrimal East Public School for their persuasive letters and for having the club at their school.