Best You Can Be


The St George Illawarra Dragons, in partnership with RIC Publications, have reinforced their aim of encouraging youth to make positive choices around health, education and social issues through the launch of their very own school diary the 'Best You Can Be'.

The Dragons are fully aware how sport can be very effective in achieving social change, especially in youth.

Our players in particular understand that they are in a unique position whereby they can promote and encourage, either directly or indirectly, the physical, cultural and intellectual welfare of young people in our community

The Dragons school diary ‘The Best You Can Be’ is a resource which has a weekly focus and a tip for all children to follow.

Focus topics within the resource include the importance of sleep, nutrition, hydration, being sun smart, respect, kindness, screen time, positivity and fresh air fun as well as the negative impacts of bullying and harassment. Furthermore, Dragons players also provide comments of encouragement throughout provide motivation for all children to be the best they can be in all aspects of their life


The St George Illawarra Dragons have delivered the Best You Can Be diary program in 45 schools from Kogarah in the Sydney and St George area, the Illawarra and to Moruya on the South Coast.

The program has successfully engaged 146 teachers and encouraged 4025 students to make positive choices around health, education and social issues. 

Teacher Resources

Teachers can deliver your education outcomes in a fun, simple and engaging manner using literacy and active play.

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'Best You Can Be' proudly supported by RIC Publications


The St George Illawarra Dragons 'Best You Can Be' diary program is proudly supported by:

  • Indigenous All Stars
  • R.I.C Publications
  • University of Wollongong