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Frequently asked questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions for the 2021 Red V Membership program.


How do I access my merchandise discount as a Red V member?

2021 members will be emailed their discount code regularly, which is valid until October 31, 2021. Members can also find their discount code on their 2021 membership cards. This discount code can be used online during the checkout process. To use your discount in store or at a home game, present your membership card to Dragons staff.

What do I get as a member for continued years of loyalty?

Members are rewarded for their ongoing loyalty to the Red V membership program. For more information about the loyalty program, visit the loyalty rewards page.

Will the Dragons hold any Red V member exclusive events in 2021?

Events will be subject to venue restrictions and player availability. For more information and to see confirmed events, visit the events page.

Classifications and age restrictions

What classifies as a concession?

Concession pricing for membership is available for juniors aged 14 years or younger as of  December 31, 2021. Valid concessions also include full-time students, aged, disability, TPI and war veteran pensions. Senior cards do not qualify for concession pricing.

Proof of concession must be provided on game day as requested by venue or Dragons staff.

Please note that concession pricing is not available for gold category seating.

What classifies as a family?

A family membership consists of two adults and two juniors aged 14 years or younger as of December 31, 2021.

All children on a family Red V membership must have their membership placed under their own individual names and a date of birth must be provided for each member on an account. The Dragons may withhold sending membership packs until names and date of births are provided.

Can children enter games for free?

Children aged four years or younger will receive free entry to Dragons home games, however they do not get allocated a seat or membership unless purchased.

In the case of restricted venue capacity due to social distancing, a child aged four years or younger may be required to purchase a ticket to attend a St George Illawarra Dragons home fixture.

What do I do if I have a companion card?

Companion card holders are entitled to a complimentary membership of same or lesser value when purchased in conjunction with a ticketed membership. Companion memberships cannot be purchased online and must be processed directly with the Red V membership team by quoting the companion card number and expiry.


I received a 'March on to 2021' credit as a result of not being able to use my ticketed membership in 2020. What do I need to do to claim the credit?

Simply renew your membership by January 11, 2021.

If you don’t need to make changes to your order you can renew online here.

If you need to make any changes please contact the membership team so we can ensure your credit is applied correctly.

Why do I have to pay anything at all if I received no benefits in 2020?

Please refer to section 3.4 of the COVID-19 membership terms and conditions as listed on the membership terms and conditions page for information on how the credit amount was calculated.

How can I access my 'Red V is a part of me' discount on 2021 membership?

Simply renew your membership by January 11, 2021.

If you don't need to make changes to your order you can renew online here.

If you need to make any changes please contact the membership team so we can ensure your credit is applied correctly.

Due to uncertainty around attendance in 2021, can I buy a non-ticketed membership and upgrade later?

Unfortunately not. Due to complexities with fulfilment, seating allocation and credit/discount expiry our membership and ticketing system doesn't allow for this.

Is it possible to upgrade or change my membership package and claim my discount or credit?

Please contact the Red V membership team to discuss your options and we can apply your discount or credit to different packages if applicable.

Online renewals should only be completed if you are not making any changes to your order or your discount or credit may not be applied correctly.

What will the Dragons do if there are restrictions on crowds again in 2021? What will happen to my membership? Can I get a refund?

The Dragons are planning for the 2021 season with full crowds being permitted, as per normal. However, we have prepared a COVID-19 plan in the event that we are unable to fulfil game membership entitlements.

The Dragons are committed to ensuring members are treated fairly in relation to the potential impacts that COVID-19 may have on 2021 membership packages.

The same seat renewal deadline has been extended to January 11, 2021.

Please refer to section 13 of the membership terms and conditions.

Will I receive compensation for the 2020 membership that I didn't use?

In June 2020, the Dragons emailed all ticketed members asking them to select between two options:

  1. Red V is a part of me
  2. March on to 2021

Members are able to refer to the inclusions of each option in the COVID-19 membership terms and conditions as listed on the membership terms and conditions page. Members who did not choose an option by the deadline have defaulted to 'Red V is a part of me'.

If you are unsure of the option you chose, please login to My Dragons Account with your membership number and click to renew. The package in your cart will display the price with your discount or credit applied.

Draw and fixtures

When will the 2021 draw be released?

At this stage we do not know when the 2021 NRL draw will be released, but the Dragons will keep all members updated via email, on social media and on the Dragons website once the draw has been announced.

The Dragons will have 12 home games in the 2021 NRL season – six (6) games at WIN Stadium, Wollongong and six (6) games at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, Kogarah.

Is Anzac Day a Dragons home game? Is it included with my membership?

The Anzac Day game is a Roosters home game in 2021.

The platinum membership is the only membership package that includes access to this game in 2021.

All Red V members will receive a pre-sale for this game with details to be communicated via email.

Game day

What do I do if I forgot, lost, or haven't received my membership card?

A PDF version of your membership card is emailed to you when your membership pack is fulfilled. If you are unable to locate this email, please contact the Red V membership team prior to game day to be issued with an email or paper ticket.

On game day, please see the Red V membership team at the below locations on home game days and we can print a paper ticket for entry:

  • Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, Kogarah – Membership ticket window at Gate D ticket box office
  • WIN Stadium, Wollongong – Membership ticket window at Gate A ticket box office

How do I register my banner or flag to bring to games?

Red V members and fans are invited to register their banners or flags for Dragons home games. Please note that any content deemed as offensive or inappropriate may be refused by the club or the venue.

To register your banner, please email with your full name, contact number, email address, banner dimensions, and banner description (with images if possible) no later than 5pm the Monday prior to the match you are attending to register your banner.

How do I request a birthday announcement for game day?

The following procedure should be followed for a birthday announcement at Dragons home games:

The birthday person must be a current Red V member and their birthday must take place on the day before, day of or day after a Dragons home game.

An email should be sent to at least two weeks before the requested home game with the member's name, date of birth and an image of the member for the big screen.

Please note all requests cannot be guaranteed.

Is public transport included with my membership?

Unfortunately public transport is not included with any memberships or tickets to Dragons home games in 2021.

Membership pack and card

What do I get in my Red V member pack?

All ticketed members will receive either an adult or junior pack. This will be distributed based on the member's date of birth, with all members over the age of 15 receiving an adult pack and all members aged 14 and under receiving a junior pack. Family juniors will receive a junior pack. The Scorch pack is unavailable to ticketed members.

Non-ticketed members will receive the pack based on membership package purchased.

For more information about what is included in membership packs, visit the benefits page.

When will I receive my membership pack?

Membership cards and packs are posted in regular scheduled batches, and are lodged with Australia Post approximately four weeks from the date of purchase. Please note that delivery for 2021 memberships will commence in December 2020.

Please note packs for renewing members with a seat request or new reserved seat (gold, silver and bronze) members will not be able to be sent until the seating allocation process takes place in January 2021.

Once your pack is lodged, you will receive an email with tracking details.

Once packs are lodged for postage then timelines are out of the Dragons' direct control. Every attempt will be made to deliver packs prior to Christmas, however due to external factors pre-Christmas delivery cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that membership packs are unable to be collected as they are prepared off-site. Ensure that your address details are up to date.

Will I get my membership before Christmas?

Memberships purchased by November 20, 2020 will be lodged with Australia Post prior to Christmas. Unfortunately due to the extension of the same seat renewal deadline for reserved seat members, any members purchasing with a seat request or a new member that requires a seat to be allocated will not be able to be sent until the seating allocation process takes place in January 2021.

Once packs are lodged for postage then timelines are out of the Dragons' direct control. Every attempt will be made to deliver packs prior to Christmas, however due to external factors pre-Christmas delivery cannot be guaranteed.

Can I gift a membership for someone else?

You sure can! If you’re purchasing as a gift for someone else, you can download and print a gift certificate to present to the gift recipient prior to delivery of the membership pack. Gift certificates have no monetary value and should only be downloaded after purchase. For more information on purchasing membership as a gift, and to download a gift certificate, visit the gift certificate page.

What do I do if I have lost my membership card?

Contact us to organise a replacement card or emailed paper tickets. We remind you to take care of your card as replacement physical cards incur a $15 reprinting fee payable at the time of re-ordering. Email tickets can be issued throughout the season free of charge.


How can I update the details on my membership?

Member details including contact details and address can be updated online at any time through My Dragons Account. Log in using your membership number as your username. Alternatively you can email through any changes to Please note any changes you make on the portal will be for that one member only. To update details for secondary account holders, please contact the Red V membership team.

Do you offer a country or 'out of towner' membership?

Yes we do! There are adult and children options available to buy which don’t include tickets to games, but have all the other benefits included of Red V membership. Look out for the Dragons faithful, junior dragon and scorch packages on the packages page.

Part payment

Can I pay for my membership in monthly instalments?

Ticketed memberships are available to pay by monthly instalments through Debitsuccess. Payments are debited on the 17th  of each month, commencing November 17, 2020. Memberships purchased after this date will be charged a deposit equal to one instalment, then commence monthly payments from the 17th of the month.

All members who choose to pay by instalments must have their membership paid in full by August 17, 2021 and enter into an agreement with Debitsuccess Pty Ltd. Terms and conditions apply.

All part payment purchases incur a 3.09 per cent transaction fee per instalment and a one-off $5 fee on all new accounts. Penalty fees of $10 will apply for all missed payment, payable directly to Debitsuccess. Please be aware that continued missed payments may result in membership being suspended and the amount owing being sent to debt collection.

I pay by the month and I need to update my payment details, change my payment schedule or make a catch-up payment. How can I do that?

Contact Debitsuccess through their customer service team on 1800 148 848. You can make a payment online anytime at or email through an enquiry to Alternatively, contact the Red V membership team on 1300 372 466.

Why have monthly instalments reduced from 12 to 10 months?

Given the events surrounding COVID-19 and the suspension of payments, the payment plan has changed to 10 equal instalments to allow an additional two months of payments buffer should payments need to be suspended again.

My monthly instalments were stopped because my order contains ticketed and non-ticketed memberships. Can I still renew on a payment plan?

Yes you can. Orders with ticketed and non-ticketed memberships were opted-out as the Dragons no longer offer the payment plan option for non-ticketed memberships. If you choose to renew on a payment plan, the non-ticketed memberships will be charged as a deposit, and then the ticketed memberships placed on the monthly instalments. 

I have not completed my payment plan for 2020. Can I still renew?

Membership renewals will not be accepted for members who are yet to complete their 2020 payments. Credits and discounts are unable to be applied to any accounts with outstanding balances. Please contact the Red V membership team to discuss your payment options.

Why are non-ticketed memberships not available to pay on monthly instalments anymore?

As all non-ticketed products are now able to be purchased at the low price of $50, we are no longer able to offer part payment plans for these products. Due to the increased cost in postage and production, a member would be required to pay at least 2 months' worth of instalments before we are able to issue their pack. To avoid this significant delay between the time of purchase and delivery, we have withdrawn the option to pay for non-ticketed memberships by monthly instalments.

Payment information

Can I pay by cash, cheque or money order?

Yes, the Dragons accept membership payment by all these methods. Cheques and money orders must be made payable to 'St George Illawarra RLFC' and the service and handling fee must be included. Cheques and money orders can be posted with a completed application form to Red V Membership, Locked Bag 1500, Ramsgate, NSW 2217.

Cash is accepted in person only. If you would like to pay in person, please visit the Dragons team store located at St George Leagues Club on Monday-Friday (12pm-5pm), or Wollongong office located at Steelers Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays (9am-5pm).

How much is the service and handling fee?

A service and handling fee of $4.75 per transaction applies. This fee is payable regardless of payment method and is incurred on every transaction.

Purchasing membership

How do I join as a member for 2021?

Existing members can log in through My Dragons Account to renew their membership. New members can select their membership package and follow the prompts to create an account.

Memberships can also be purchased over the phone, by speaking to the Red V membership team on 1300 372 466. This hotline is available Monday-Friday (9am-5pm).

How do I know if my membership has been successfully purchased?

Members will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of purchase. If you have not received this email, please contact the Red V membership team to check membership status and email address for typos. 

When will my Red V membership expire?

Your Red V membership commences on the date of purchase and expires on October 31, 2021.

How can I get a refund on my membership?

Please read all the package descriptions thoroughly as refunds will not be issued for games that cannot be attended or changes in personal circumstances.

Refer to membership terms and conditions for more information on our refund policy.

What’s the difference between Red V, leagues club and district football club memberships?

St George Leagues Club, Steelers Club and St George District Rugby League Football Club are separate entities to the St George Illawarra Dragons football club, and as such their memberships are separate to Red V membership.

Red V membership directly supports the team on the field and may include games access and member-exclusive merchandise.

For more information on St George Leagues Club membership, please call (02) 9587 1022 or visit

For more information on Steelers Club membership, please call (02) 4227 2255 or visit

For more information on district football club membership, please call (02) 9587 1966.

Rolling renewals and part payment

What is rolling renewal?

Members have the option to opt-in to rolling renewal with their membership order – meaning their membership order is automatically renewed into the same package for subsequent seasons, at the updated and relevant price, using the same payment details as the previous season unless advised otherwise. This takes the hassle out of renewing your membership.

Rolling renewals are available for memberships on both full payment and monthly instalments. Please note that rolling renewals are automatically applied to all members paying by monthly instalments. A 14-day notice period in writing will be provided to all members on rolling renewal, with the opportunity to opt-out.

To update your payment details, please call the Dragons membership team on 1300 372 466.

When will the rolling renewal take place for 2021 membership?

Part payment rolling renewal will take place on November 16, 2020, with the first payment being processed on November 17, 2020.

Full payment rolling renewal will take place on November 19, 2020.

How do I opt-out of rolling renewal?

Email the membership team with your membership number, full name and reason for opting-out. Any opt-out requests made after November 13, 2020 will apply for the 2022 season.

Seating allocations and requests

When is the same seat renewal deadline for 2020 Red V members?

To retain your 2020 membership seating allocation, there is a same seat renewal deadline of January 11, 2021. Memberships renewed after this time cannot be guaranteed the same seats.

This deadline is in place so members with seating requests and new members can be allocated, and membership packs sent out prior to the start of the 2021 season. Unfortunately this deadline cannot be extended.

How do I apply for accessible seating?

Members who require accessible seating should include their specific seating requirements in their membership application at the time of purchase. This should include the need for a wheelchair space and, if required, a carer seat located adjacent to the person with the disability.

How do I make a seat request?

Members who purchase a ticketed membership with reserved seating (bronze, silver, gold) are able to request seating when purchasing membership. This can be done via the specified 'seating preferences' section on the checkout page when purchasing online, or with staff directly over the phone.

Please note that all seating is dependent on availability and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Should we be unable to accommodate your request, we will allocate the best available seating.

What if I want to sit with friends/family?

Memberships purchased under the same order will automatically be allocated together.

Memberships purchased under separate orders require a seating request if they are to be allocated together. Please include all member details in your application if you wish to be seated with others.

Can I see if my seating request is granted before paying for my membership?

Seating allocations can only occur once an order has been paid, so a request cannot be placed prior to purchase. Seats are not able to be put on hold prior to membership purchase.

The seating allocation process will commence in January 2021.

I'm a renewing member, can I keep my 2020 seat?

All 2020 members will be able to keep their seating allocation if they renew their membership before the same seat renewal deadline of 5pm, January 11, 2021.

Any 2021 members who renew after the same seat renewal deadline has passed will be allocated their 2020 seat if it is still available, however availability cannot be guaranteed. The Dragons do, however, reserve the right to move members up to three (3) seats in order to better satisfy seating requests. In these circumstances the member may not be contacted by the club.

If renewing members submit a seat request before the same seat renewal deadline, they will be included in the seating allocation process which will occur in January 2021. If your seat request is unsuccessful, you will be allocated your 2020 seating. The seating allocation process takes an extended period of time, and members will only be contacted if required.

Please note we cannot distribute membership packs until your seating allocation is confirmed. As a result, any member with a seating request or new seat allocation will not have their pack distributed until February, 2021.

How do I check what seats are available for a new membership?

Prior to the renewal deadline of January 11, 2021, we are unable to see what seats may be available for new purchase.

After the initial seating allocation process, membership staff will be able to assist with seating allocation questions, however this is not a guarantee that you will be able to secure any given seats.

My friend is not renewing their membership, can I transfer their seat into my name?

Yes you can, we simply require written approval from the original member requesting to transfer the seat into another name. Please email with this information.

I've attended my first game and I'm not happy with my member seating allocation. Can I change my seat?

Contact the Red V membership team and we will do our best to arrange alternative seating, subject to availability.


Do I receive a discount on tickets as a Red V member?

Red V members receive a 20 per cent discount on pre-purchased Dragons home game tickets and discounts off selected away games. Information on the discount code is printed on membership cards and included regularly in member emails from

Do I receive priority booking periods to NRL ticketed events (e.g. NRL Grand Final) as a Red V member?

Members will receive exclusive priority booking periods for NRL ticketing events, including (but not limited to): State of Origin, Test matches, and NRL grand final.

Members are advised to keep up to date with their Red V emails to receive all related ticket offers and discounts.

Can I upgrade my membership ticket for one game?

Red V members are able to upgrade the seating category on their membership. This can only occur on game day by visiting the box office where tickets can be purchased, and is dependent on availability. A member must present their membership card in order to upgrade their membership, and pay $10 per category upgrade (e.g. silver to gold will cost $10, general admission to gold will cost $30).

If I can't make it to a game, can I give my membership to someone else to use?

If for any reason you are unable to attend a Dragons home game that is covered by your membership, you may give your membership card to someone else to use.

Please be aware that the transferal of a membership for game day entry is subject to the membership classification (i.e. an adult can't enter on a concession or junior membership) and this cannot be upgraded to gain entry to an individual game.

Please note in the event contact tracing is required per venue or government health regulations (e.g. under COVID-19 restrictions), memberships are not transferrable.

Can I get a discount on tickets to away games?

Discounts on tickets to away games are dependent on the home team. Members will be regularly updated of offers by email, and can check the website as listed on 2021 membership cards at any time.