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Thank You Red V Members

The Dragons finished the season with a special thank you to the Red V Members who supported us throughout the 2017 season.

The final game of the season was dedicated to our 19,181 members to show the club’s appreciation – with a variety of special members-only activities taking place.

Thanks to all the members who participated and congratulations to all the lucky members who took place in our members guard of honour for the NRL run-on:

·         Darren Clift

·         Aaron Carra

·         Andrew Murray

·         Andrew Clifford

·         Paige Haines

·         Alexandra Crook

·         Donna Rawson

·         Natalina Cheatham

·         David and Vesna Felice

The following members won a 2018 Membership voucher in our social media promotions leading into Members Appreciation Round.

·         Courtney McShane

·         John Bourd, and;

·         Jim Katsiouras

The following members won a Red V Members backpack in our members' social media promotion:

·         Melissa Morris

·         Mathew Rolet

·         Kellie Bell

·         Michael Mansell, and;

·         Natalina Cheatham

The following members were selected from our list of members with perfect attendance to hold the run-on banner:

·         Barbara Davids

·         George Stewart

·         Daniel Thompson

·         Angela Ashfield

·         Joanne McGoldrick

·         Phillip Musso

·         Robert Egan

·         Caroline O'Sullivan

·         Fabian Amuso, and;

·         Dannielle Burns

Long-term member Carolyn Simms was also selected to toss the coin while Jayden Rawson's grandmother won him the chance to deliver the match ball.

Ty Rash, Geoff Burgers, Sunil Gopinath Rachel Moncrieff and Roger Seeto were upgraded to halfway line seats in another one of our pre-match social media promotions.

Elva Campbell and Ruby Kelly won prizes at our banner making station on the members terrace while Angelo D'Angelo and John Legge won our special Dragons-oriented Father's Day trivia.

Nathan Maxworthy went closest to guessing how many red and white jellybeans in the jar there were (there were 539 – Nathan guessed 530).

Three father son teams competed in the half-time member relay:

·         Craig and Vincent Sadler

·         Paul and Aiden Clarke, and;

·         Chris and Mitchell Forrester

Roger Wills was selected on game day to be upgraded to a corporate facility while Stephen Cavallaro was the winner from our Dragons Merchandise Promotion to win a signed jersey.

2018 Membership will be available soon and we hope to have you all march with us again.

If you’re not already a member – click here to register your interest for 2018 here.