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Game Development

  • Overview

    The St George Illawarra Dragons work closely with NRL Development and have a very strong team which is highly regarded within our communities.

    Manager of Dragons Community - Paul Everill
    Dragons Community Officer - Adam Bezzina
    Manager, NRL Development, Sydney Metro - Maria Arthur
    Manager, NRL Development, Southern NSW - Adam Vanzanten              
    NRL Development Officers, St George - Pamela Goodridge and Huw Ellis
    NRL Development Officers, Illawarra - Jonathan Dallas and Luke Potter
    NRL Development Officers, South Coast - Matt O’Brien and Tim Del Guzzo

    Club Female Ambassadors

    Kezie Apps (Jillaroo)
    Sam Bremner (Jillaroo)

    Dragons Community 'Best You Can Be' Female Ambassadors 

    We are very fortunate to have 5 female ambassadors:
    Kezie Apps (pictured above),
    Emma McKeon (Swimming),
    Grace Stewart (Hockey),
    Steph Magiros (Snowboarding),
    Josie Talbot (Cycling)

  • Engagement


    Game Development is conducted in total collaboration with NRL Development across our three regions: St George, Illawarra and Group 7.

    The Dragons and NRL Development work with the 35 Rugby League Clubs in our region to increase both junior player and qualified volunteer numbers. Each year the Dragons assist with recruiting by visiting schools to aid in boosting registration numbers. 

    In 2017, a major recruitment drive in the three regions accounted for visits to over 19,900 students for the annual Community Carnival and recruitment blitz.

    A revamped 'Wellbeing' Program was presented with a focus on belonging and the benefits of playing in a team to the students across 77 Primarys Schools. The 15 High Schools included in the Blitz were treated to an "Energise: Dream, Believe, Achieve" assembly, which encourages students to set goals, the importance of sharing them and how Rugby League can help in the pursuit of any goals.

    The Dragons and NRL Development delivered over 62 Gala Days across the regions. An increased focus in 2016 was the transition of Junior Girls League Tag Division to play in weekend competitions. This was held with great success with over 750 girls playing before the Junior Rugby League season commenced.

    Our three junior leagues managements work tirelessly in keeping clubs afloat managing with limited resources.

  • Play NRL


    The St George Illawarra Dragons are committed to an ongoing relationship with the NRL and in particular the 8 local NRL Developments Officers within the Dragons catchment to provide local schools, local clubs and community organisations an opportunity to experience Rugby League and what it has to offer both on and off the field.

    For more information on the experiences and opportunities the NRL has head to

  • Holiday Clinics

    St George Illawarra Dragons Rugby League holiday clinics provide a fun environment encouraging children to actively participate in physical activities for fun, health and friendship.

    Clinics are held in both Wollongong and Kogarah during the school holidays. Dates to be confirmed. 

    As part of the day each child will be given the opportunity to rub shoulders with their favourite NRL Dragons at both Kogarah and Wollongong clinics as well as going home with a Dragons Football and Cap as well as other goodies at both clinics

    Trained Rugby League Game Development staff will conduct the three-hour clinics that teach children Rugby League skills in a safe and enjoyable environment.

    “Our Dragons Active Holiday programs have been created to suit children of all ages and experience levels and provides a fun and active outing for the kids while on holidays,” said Dragons Community Manager, Paul Everill.

    Team sports and group activities during the holiday break provide an important outlet for children to be active and can also help with vital life lessons in personal values, teamwork and relationship building skills.